About Us

Douglasville GA's Local Web Design and Marketing Firm

Your Local Professional Web Design Firm

JPS Web Solutions is a small local company whose sole purpose is to assist small businesses who are trying to leverage the power of the internet to build their customer base and expand their target market.

Our company was founded as we saw business after business who knew they were falling behind but didn't know who to turn to for web development, internet marketing and SEO. Local companies in Douglasville GA and the entire West Atlanta Area needed a web development firm they could count on to stand behind their business ventures.

Here are just a few of the reasons JPS Web Solutions might be just the business partner you need:

  • We are not just graphic designers or web programmers who are churning out website after website - we are businessmen first and foremost and as such we can help you build not just a fancy website but we can help you build the website YOUR business needs to succeed in todays economy.
  • We have the experience to understand and complete your project. Many people who like computers or graphics tend to call themselves web designers and soon are in way over their heads on a project. They then either talk you out of the features you want or build a site that just doesn't perform. Don't cheat your business - choose someone with the resources and experience to properly complete your project.
  • We understand national level and local business marketing. A website that is not built with YOUR marketing message in mind and properly marketing on social media and search engines will not get the results your business deserves.
  • JPS Web Solutions has a vast network of resources such as photographers and content writers that we can use to make sure your site has the quality content it needs.
  • Most of all we want we want your business to succeed and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

What is the process like?

JPS Web Solutions can make your web development project a process that is clear, concise and gets done in a timely manner.
Web development workspace

While we do not wish to lay it all out on our company website we have a clear checklist for all the little details that other development companies leave out or get stuck on. We will customize this list for your project to make sure no little detail gets forgotten whether your web design project is an internet marketing campaign, a full-featured e-commerce solution or a simple HTML website.

A small business who is serious about getting results from their company website should be cautious to do business with anyone who cannot describe to them exactly how the process will go.

Ask for a checklist and timeline as to when each item will get completed. A quality web design firm will be able to tell you up front exactly what they will provide and what they will need from you.

Let JPS Web Solutions bring our experience, knowledge and passion to bear on your companies behalf.