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Web Development

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UOur team has the technical background needed to complete any web project you may need. We can build Wordpress blogs, HTML or Flash website as well as Android and iOS apps.
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E-Commerce Solutions

We take care of all the details

RPayment methods, shipping, tax rates, coupons, volume discounts - We can setup your online store with all the features you need.
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Internet Marketing

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XWhat good is a website if no one sees it? We can help you with SEO, Social Media Management and much more. We will think outside the box as well as make sure all the tried and true methods are working for you.
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Graphic Design

Complete Marketing Packages

CMany of our projects start with Logo design and business cards to match the website. Branding is the keyword here. We will make sure your company presents a consistent professional image.
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If you are looking for a design service or internet service not listed here please contact us for more details.

If we do not perform that service we can refer you to a reliable provider that does.
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We offer wide range services

Web design, web development...

DESIGN SERVICES JPS offers a wide array of design services, here is a partial list of what we can do for your company. Web Design   Websites have to be informative first and foremost, but it doesn't hurt if they are also appealing to the eye.  Great websites are easy to navigate, simple to understand, fast to download and readily viewed in any monitor resolution on any computer.  JPS keeps all of this in mind when developing web sites for our clients.  We can design simple "Billboard" type sites as well as more complex e-commerce sites. Logo Design    Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your business.  It is the image by which your potential clients and customers will remember you.  A poorly designed logo could negatively reflect on your business, while a well thought out and professionally designed logo can bring a positive and memorable image to your venture.  Our Logo Designer has several years of design experience and has worked with companies in over 25 states and 5 countries to help them develop a professional corporate identity. Stationary, Brochures & other Print Media   Whether it's business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures or postcards, JPS can design it.  We also develop full color spec sheets.  We specialize in full color designs & will even print your media for you at affordable rates. Let us know if you need something not listed here.  If we can't do it for you we can certainly point you in the right direction.

What is Internet Marketing?

Our Internet Marketing Services are what turns potential into profits

1SEO - Search Engine Optimization
How do I get my website listed on Google? Why is my website not listed on page 1? Turn these complicated issues over to our SEO experts so that your business can get the exposure it deserves. Our Complete package will include all the research, coding and submission to make your site a success. Site Promotion and Marketing
The key to getting profit from your site is to have a lot of the right people visit your site.  They best way to get this traffic is to have good listings on search engines with the correctly targeted keywords.  Getting your site listed on these sites is vital to the success of your web site.

•Domain name research and registration
•Keyword development based on market research and competitive sites
•Analysis of current search engine placements and user stats
•Optimization of your site for meta-tags, keyword frequency and more to insure good placement of your site. •Tracks progress  of search engine placement •Monthly or weekly reports of your current search engine placements and the changes   in your placement.
•Detailed traffic statistics including time of day, unique visitor counting, trends   for past  year, site referrers and more.
•Daily Submission of pages to appropriate engines
•Increase Link popularity by quality link placement

2Social Media Management
Social Media marketing is growing by leaps and bounds because people like to hear about products and services from people they trust. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pintrest and the list goes on. JPS Web Solutions Social Media Management services includes:

  • Helping you determine which services are best suited to your business
  • Helping you develope a strategy for targeting your potential clients
  • Helping you plan how to best reach your audience
  • Developing content and posts to communicate your services
  • Managing, posting and replying to comments about your company

3Directories and Local Listings
Getting your small business website listed in the appropriate directories and local listings can provide huge search engine optimization benifits. A clear and consistant plan in obtaining these listings will certainly increase your page-rank and overall search engine visability.

4Outside the Box Solutions
This is where we really shine. There are always ways to promote your website in ways that are not in the normal workflow of most SEO services or web design services. We will work with you to find things that work for YOUR BUSINESS.